Patio Vs. Decks – Differences, Pros and Cons

A local patio contractor helping you understand the difference between patios & decks.

If your house is in need of quality outdoor space or backyard recreational area, adding a new patio or a deck can increase the square footage. It offers all homeowners the much needed space to socialize on weekends, party, play with kids, enjoy a coffee under the sun or prepare delicious barbeque meals. In the city of San Diego, CA, there are local patio remodelers and construction companies that can help you out with a new patio, deck, Pergola or sunroom design & construction, so that you can chill and relax on those lazy weekend afternoons and Sunday mornings. In this blog post, we’re going to look at the advantages of patios and decks to have at your residence.


The Main Difference Between the Two

Most of the time, these two terms is used interchangeably. But, there’s a significant difference between the two. A patio refers to the area, which is directly on the ground, jutting out from the main entrance of a building or home. It can either be connected to the property, or in a separate area of the backyard. A patio remodeling company or a local patio contractor can help provide you some brilliant design ideas. Patios usually have concrete bases or foundation, but now post people use natural stone, pavers, tiles and bricks for creating the base, or directly pour mixed concrete in a particular design.

Decks on the other hand, are made of hardwood (timber) or Vinyl. It is NOT placed directly on the ground, rather holds on to a support mechanism with wooden blocks. Decks are usually added to the lower floor or on the rooftop. It can be an outdoor extension to your living room or kitchen, where you can enjoy your brunch, breakfast or simply sit & relax for hours. An experienced patio company in San Diego can help in creating a patio & deck design or in a new Pergola construction.

Which is Best Suited for your Needs?

If you want to landscape your outdoors with beautiful ornamented gardens, bushes and shrubs, a patio would be the perfect choice. Similarly , if you want an area which is separate from the main house, a patio works fine. Simply, by building a concrete base or foundation away from the house, which can be utilized as a barbeque or grill area, a patio best serves the intended purpose.

Homeowners that are interested in getting a wonderful view from a raised portion of their house, it is a deck that perfectly serves their needs. Since, decks are always built in a raised position, much above the ground level with stairs and railing, it offers an incredible view of the overall surrounding. It is usually built on a raised wooden platform, which we call ‘deck’. It is to be noted that both decks and patios offer a great Return on Investment (ROI) if you are planning to sell your property. In this regard, a local patio contractor in San Diego can offer ideas regarding patio remodeling and deck construction. So you can definitely take their advice and suggestions.